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Elaborate ruses, scams and inside informants:

His name is Chase Wilder, and he steals cars. Well, sort of.

Rockstar blogger, pirate photographer and supercar enthusiast, Chase Wilder, takes your weekly video & email requests and makes them reality by getting his hands on the World’s most prestigious and expensive luxury cars.

Armed with good looks, street smarts and fast talk, Chase boosts the cars you’re dying to see.  Before the owners realize they are missing, he works against the clock to capture the exhilaration of driving a supercar, while making sure to find time for an intimate and interactive photo shoot with his friends, the Carjack’d Bikini Babes.

Prepare for an adrenaline rich, high octane thrill ride, as you’re taken into a world of luxury automobiles that few will ever know or see. The Chase is on!


Wilder Weir


Dan Holmes


Drama / Fiction/Scripted Entertainment

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